November 9, 2019

Philips 24-inch Kitchen Android TV with Google Assistant

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Back in mid January the Funai Corporation gave us a preview of Philips 24-inch Kitchen Android TV with built-in Google Assistant. The TV fits somewhere in between Google’s Home Hub and a full Android TV and is being pushed as another kitchen assistant.

Its sports a 24 inch LCD screen that offers a 1366 x 768 resolution. The bezel is somewhat thin and the entire screen sits on a dual 8-watt speaker system. There are two HDMI ports, LAN, digital audio out (optical), antenna in, a single USB port and mics for calling up recipes and of course Google Assistant.

Philips does say it has the ability to scan and remember channels from the local area. That’s probably what the antenna port should be good for. One advantage this has over other kitchen displays is with Android TV running on Android 8.0 all the apps in the Play Store can be downloaded.

Smart Remote

Im a serious fan of how Google Assistant can be helpful in the kitchen. My Lenovo Smart Display is a meal saver. Combine that with an Android TV experience and you may find yourself in the kitchen for more than just meals.

The Philips Kitchen Android TV will run $299 and is available now. Phillips says you can find it in many major retail stores. Good luck though because as of now we have only been able to find it online at HSN. Even Phillips own online page isn’t showing anything.

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Philips 24-inch Kitchen Android TV with Google Assistant

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