Nest Security Cameras will be set to default

Google has started to lower the Nest Camera quality of video being captured by Nest security cameras. This to help cut down on the recent strain that’s being put on networks. As more people than ever are starting to stay at home, the bandwidth is becoming a top priority to keep everyone online.

To answer the global call from ISPs to prioritize bandwidth for learning and working, in the next few days we’re going to be adjusting the quality and bandwidth setting on Nest cameras to the default setting.

To all Nest camera users that live in the United States, Nest will be setting the video quality back to its default settings. When the change happens there will be a message in your nest app like the one below. If necessary you can change it back yourself or wait until they return it to its original state.

Nest Camera Quality
Quality Change Message

There will definitely be a difference in quality, but nest says only the bandwidth and resolution quality will be changed and that all other settings will stay the same, and work as normal.

I own a Nest Camera myself and checked to see if this is true. It’s easy to change and no other setting was adjusted. You may want to do the same if you heavily rely on one of these cameras for monitoring. The lower setting can make it much more difficult to monitor certain things depending on the environment it’s in.

With more businesses switching to teleworking and schools turning to online resources, lowering how much bandwidth your devices are using is one of the many shifts Google and other companies are taking to ensure network traffic is reduced. This is coming after Google already announced it would be diminishing YouTube’s default video quality to 480p.

Google reducing Nest camera quality

by Rami Hollingsworth time to read: 1 min