Finally, Wear OS sleep tracking!

Fossil’s Gen 5 smartwatches were released last year and are some of the best Wear OS watches you can buy. As first reported by Engadget, the Gen 5 is about to get an update with features that should have been in Wear OS years ago.

On August 19 Fossil is rolling out an update to the Wellness app that will include the ability to measure your cardio fitness levels and track your sleep.

The updated Wellness App will be able to track workouts while using half as much battery power. There will be a new VO2 max estimate for the cardio tracker as well. This is something you normally see in fitness watches coming from Garmin or Polar.

The most significant update I see is the inclusion of sleep tracking. There is no word yet on how in-depth this new sleep tracking will be. My guess is that it will be on par with what Samsung is offering with the Galaxy Watch series.

Hopefully, Google is paying attention. There has been little to no integration of Fitbit into anything Wear OS.

You can find the Gen 5 watches available at Fossil, Amazon, or Best Buy for around $295. We’ll see exactly what’s in this update on August 19th.

Fossil Gen 5 Wear OS major update coming

by Rami Hollingsworth time to read: 1 min