If you own any of Google’s Chromecast devices, you probably wonder why this didn’t happen sooner. When the first Chromecast was announced, it was an innovative way for streaming content to your TV. Chromecast Audio on the other hand seemed like a great idea but was extremely limited in how it could be used. On the surface, it’s a Google Assistant-powered device like the Google Home or Home Mini. Once you dive deeper it quickly becomes apparent that the Chromecast Audio needed a few more tricks up its sleeve to become relevant.

Today Google announced it will stop selling the Chromecast Audio. The $15 price it’s held since the start of the Holiday season will continue indefinitely.

Chromecast Audio discounted and discontinued

The regular Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra will continue to be a major part of Google’s lineup as they shift more towards streaming products and Google Assistant-powered devices like the Google Home and Home Mini.

As of now they seem to be sold out on Google website but any retailer that has them in stock will probably be dropping the price down to $15 soon.

Chromecast Audio discounted and discontinued

by Rami Hollingsworth time to read: 1 min