Google has been trying to figure out where you’re trying to go on the internet for years. Pre-loading pages in the first few results of your Google searches. Even trying to give you answers to questions without having to click on a page in the search result at all. These features along with a few others have always been disabled on the mobile Chrome browser due to the large amount of data they suck up trying to predict what you are looking for.

With mobile speeds getting faster and 5G networks coming online, Google could be ready to allow prediction into the mobile space. Data caps are a problem when you are dealing with large amounts of data being consumed for every search result Google gives you. So this has probably been waiting in the background for technology to catch up.

Chrome prediction
Mobile Chrome Browser
Chrome settings in browser
Desktop Chrome Browser

Google is testing allowing more prediction on mobile networks. These feature, if implemented, will show in the same place on mobile as they are on Chrome’s desktop version. Giving you the control to turn them on or off.

In my opinion the best practice would be to add the features but leave turned off by default. This way if you really want those prediction you can have them, but if you want to preserve your data you still have options.

Chrome prediction feature coming to mobile

by Rami Hollingsworth time to read: 1 min