With the announcement of the Google Pixel Slate, there haven’t been many other manufactures coming out with cases or keyboards. Brydge has just announced the G-Type keyboard, an alternative to Google’s official keyboard with a laptop design in mind.

Brydge Keyboard for Pixel Slate

Brydge has been to produce high-quality keyboards of many other tablets on the market including the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface. The G-Type keyboard is built similarly to the official keyboard with a large trackpad, backlit keyboard, and a dedicated Google Assistant key. What makes this different from the official keyboard is that it uses a hinged system to holds the Pixel Slate in place. This gives it the same sturdiness and movement that you find in any of today’s laptops.

The Brydge G-Type keyboard connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and runs on a battery that is charged by USB-C. Brydge says the battery will last up to 6 months on a single charge but this will vary by use probably. 

Brydge Keyboard for Pixel Slate

With a price of $159.99 the Brydge G-Type keyboard for the Google Pixel Slate is a great alternative for anyone wanting to use their Pixel Slate more like a conventional laptop. You can find the full specs and details at the source below.

Source: Brydge

Brydge Keyboard for Pixel Slate Announced

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