The Google Pixel Slate is a very high-end tablet version of the Pixelbook. You will want to pick up some of these accessories to get the most of this new tablet. It ships without the very needed keyboard and stylus in the box so here are a few accessories to get you started. Below are some of the best accessories for the Google Pixel Slate.

WIMAXIT Portable Touch Monitor

WIMAXIT’s Portable Touch Monitor can quickly turn your Pixel Slate into a serious multitasker. It has a 15.6 inch slim IPS HD display. It has a 1920×1080 resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9. There similar versions from Asus but they don’t offer a touchscreen and demand a much higher price. There are two Type-C connectors, one for power and one for full control of the touch screen. It also comes with two built-in speakers. If you need a second display this would be the best place to start. You can find it at Amazon for $220.

Google Pixel Slate Keyboard: Portability

Google’s official keyboard brings the Pixel Slate from tablet to laptop quality productivity. It’s the first accessory you should think about after purchasing the Pixel Slate. It’s also my pick for the Best Accessory for the Google Pixel Slate. This is the priciest accessory on this list but well worth it in the long run. It supports all the Chrome OS shortcuts and has backlit keys for working through the midnight hours. There are also multiple levels to the kickstand configurations with a larger than normal trackpad. It’s very sturdy, well built, and should provide a good amount of protection while traveling. $199 at Best Buy or Google.

Best Accessories for the Google Pixel Slate

Pixelbook Pen: Great for creators

Pixel Slate Pen

Another must-have for productivity is the Pixelbook Pen. You can use it to draw or write in many different apps. Holding the Pen’s button turns on Google Assistant and allows you to circle anything on the screen and it will identify it and help you search for it. Just like other tablets in its class, the pen doesn’t come in the box. The pen adds an incredible amount of value and helpful features. $99 at Best Buy or Google.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch: All-in-one

Pixel Slate as a tablet is fantastic but you will one day need some keyboard functions. If you want to do this without the $170+ keyboard price, look at the Logitech K400. It’s compact and slim which is perfect for turning the slate into a quick desktop computer. The battery can last over 12 months and it will stay connected up to 33ft away. $22 at Amazon

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch

Brydge Keyboard: Best Laptop Experience

Brydge G-TYPE Keyboard for Google Pixel Slate

Brydge has been making these types of keyboards for Apple’s iPads and Microsoft’s Surfaces for quite some time. They are made of aluminum and very well built. The hinge system allows for Laptop, Presentation, and Tablet modes allowing the screen to go from 0º through 180º. There is nothing actually connecting the Slate to the G-Type so you can slide the tablet into the hinge facing either side. Perfect for media consumption. $160 at Google.

Incipio Esquire Series Folio: Bring the Pen

Incipio Esquire Folio will protect your Pixel Slate in style. It’s everything you need in a slim, protective case with a durable exterior and a magnetic front cover to keep it closed. It has a rotating base to turn the Pixel Slate 90º from landscape to portrait. Lastly, it comes with a much-needed stylus holder. $70 from Google Store.

Best Accessories for the Google Pixel Slate 2

Moshi iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Best Accessories for the Google Pixel Slate 3

Pixel Slate has a beautiful 12.3″ Molecular Display, and I would advise you to protect it. So far there are not many good options out yet on Amazon or eBay that are worth buying. It’s pretty expensive at $35, but the Moshi iVisor is supposed to minimize glare with maximum clarity. They say it’s also 100% bubble-free installation and can be washed and reapplied repeatedly. $35 at Google.

Skinomi TechSkin Pixel Slate Brushed Steel: Light protection

If you just want to keep the Pixel Slate safe from the elements and you don’t want to spend too much money. Skinomi has you covered. The Google Pixel Slate Brushed Steel Skin Protector is the clear choice for great protection without the bulk. TechSkin is made from the same material used to protect military aircraft. $25 at Skinomi.


26800mAh Power Bank USB Type C: Stay charged

26800mAh Power Bank Portable Charger USB Type C Battery Pack with 3 Input & 4 iSmart Output

The Pixel Slate has exceptional battery life from my experience but finding power on the go can be hard. Most portable chargers just can’t give it enough juice and USB-C chargers are gonna cost you. The Charmast 26800 can power your Pixel Slate like the wall charger it came with. It has excellent reviews and I own one myself. Normally $39.99 at Amazon.

Best Accessories for the Google Pixel Slate

The Pixel Slate has a lot of potential with limited third party accessories compared to something like an iPad or Surface. Google built accessories that fit many users, but you may need to look somewhere else when it comes to keeping the cost low. My first purchase was the official Keyboard and Pixelbook Pen. Your best Accessories for the Google Pixel Slate may be a little different based on how you use it. I find myself using the Pixel Slate as a tablet just as much as I do with a keyboard. As I experiment more and other products become available this list may grow. See the Best Chromebook Accessories for Working from home or check Chrome Daily regularly for updates.

Best Accessories for the Google Pixel Slate

by Rami Hollingsworth time to read: 4 min