About Chrome Daily

Our Plan For This Site

I’ve been a fan of Google products since they launched their first Android Phone in 2008. First Android, then Chromebooks, and now we have Chromecasts and Android TVs. I have never worked for Google. I am just a regular consumer that has spent a lot of time combing the internet for answers. I started Chrome Daily to share some of my years of experience and answers I found while using these products.

What will you find on Chrome Daily?

Chrome Daily covers Chromebooks, Google products, Stadia, Chromecast, and other products such as Android and Wear OS. If it works with or is built on Chrome OS or Android, we will try to cover it here.

Android – Android is the world’s most popular and best-selling mobile platform. It’s a customizable, easy to use operating system that powers phones, tablets, watches, TV, and cars. Its open-source code can be used to develop variants of all these devices with a specialized user interface.

Chrome OS – an operating system designed by Google to be simpler and easier to use than any other OS. It’s cloud-powered and based on the Chrome Browser. It boots up in seconds and connects to the internet almost instantly. It comes pre-installed on all Chromebooks and can be installed on other devices that support it. Updates are automatic so Chromebooks are always fast and secure.

Chromecast – A streaming device from Google with built-in Wi-Fi. A Chromecast can stream content to a TV or Speaker from services like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify. They can also stream from your phone or the Chrome browser via the Google Cast. Chromecasts also link to Google’s home assistant to control these services with voice.